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Mobile Alabama pest control offers a complete range of Professional Pest Control Services at a competitive price. Our Pest Control provides you the best services & a trustworthy experience. We offer traditional pest control and natural green alternative pest controls. Our alternative pest controls are safe, environment-friendly & safe for humans. The team of Best Pest Control Services in Mobile Alabama provides services for restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturers (especially food), farms (cattle etc) offices, dentists, Dr’s offices etc.

Do to the changing environment we are faced with lately, homeowners and business owners have been put under an increasing amount of stress. You are required to work hard everyday in order to pay your bills and keep your lights on. Now you are faced with increasing disasters which can strick anytime.  Regardless what form these disasters take, you need to be prepared. This also is true when it comes to insect infestation. Homeowners don’t know how to effectively get rid of their homes rodents, rats, mice or cockroaches infestation. The good news is that you’ve found the best Mobile Alabama pest control solution designed to help you rid your home of those stubborn pests.


Pest Control Services for Mobile AL

termite control mobile alabama

Termite Control

Don’t let termites destroy your home or office. Protect your top investment with our experts.

tick control mobile alabama

Tick Control

Lyme disease affects tens of thousands of people. Don’t let your family become the next victim, call us Today!

Coachroach control in Mobile Alabama

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests and among the hardest to get rid of. Let our pros help.

Spider in Mobile Alabama

Spider Control

No one wants excess spiders in their home or office. Let our expert team remove the problem and keep your home and office spider free.

ants in mobile alabama

Ant Control

Let our ant exterminators quickly and safely eliminate your ant problem for good.

rodents in mobile alabama

Rodent Control

Rodents are some of the most difficult pests to completely remove from your property. Let our pros handle it.


Get Rid of Pesky Pests for Good

Kick-Out Bugs, Pests, and Rodents from your home or office with our top-tier pest control service in Mobile, Alabama.

Thirsty for a cup of coffee? The last thing you want to see is a rat scurrying around or a line of ants marching gleefully across your kitchen floor.

Thankfully, this can be the last rodent or insect invasion you would ever have to contend with. Mobile Alabama Pest Control is the number one pest control company in in the area. We exterminate all kinds of pests from commercial or residential properties anywhere in Alabama.

Call us today on 251-263-0744 to schedule your pest extermination service. We will combat your pest infestation problems with the best and environmentally friendly techniques.


At Mobile Bay Pest Control you will find that we use the latest extermination methods available on the market.  Each plan is custom tailored to the situation.  You will receive a comprehensive quote and we will go over in detail the best plan designed to eradicate your pest problem.


We will inspect your home or company inside out, from the top floor to the last floor, using our detailed checklist to find out all present or potential pest problems.  We will not rest until we have a thorough understanding of the root cause of your issue and an effective plan design to meet ALL your needs.


We don’t just stop their, we treat the entire perimeter of your property using the appropriate materials; we remove all accessible wasps’ nests, spider webs, and other inconveniences using the safest methods to ensure you will have no further issues down the line.


We take the time to protect your property to keep pests out by plugging, sealing, securing, and caulking cracks and gaps.  This step is critical is preventing recurrences from happening.  By ensuring your property is fortified from future issues you can rest assured knowing that the likelihood annoying and destructive critters are highly reduced.


We provide detailed reports on the services we rendered and provide recommendations we approve that would help keep your property free of pests.


We stay in contact with you through regularly scheduled visitations and respond promptly to any further needs.


Our professional technicians have provided commercial and residential pest control solutions to clients in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas for many years. We have the experience and expertise needed to solve all your pest control problems safely and efficiently and only use the safest ingredients with the latest technology.
Regardless if you need year-round plans or one-time treatment plans, we are your trusty full-service pest control company. Our extermination plans are seamless and inexpensive; you would not have to blow through your set budget when partnering with us.

Complete Prevention and Elimination of Pest Problems with Our Proven Pest Extermination Solutions

  • 100% Job Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Thorough Property Inspection and Subsequent Treatment
  • Timely Job Completion at an Affordable Price
  • An Unmatched Customer Service Follow-Up


Our years of proven experience and outstanding safety features providing businesses and residential properties with the perfect pest control solutions have made us the go to pest exterminators in Mobile. We keep your property free of common invading pests, including but not limited to: cockroaches, ants, bed-bugs, spiders, termites, and rodents all at a price that you can live with.
What makes our Mobile Alabama Pest Control stand high above other pest control companies in the area is that we care deeply about every client’s property and treat it as ours.
Mobile Alabama Pest Control Solution – The PERFECT and RELIABLE solution to your entire pest control needs! Check-out our pest control services and request your inspection today by calling 251-263-0744. We look forward to helping you feel safe.

Pest Control Services Mobile Alabama

Mobile Alabama exterminators offers a complete range of Professional Pest Control Services at a competitive price. Our Control provides you the best services & a trustworthy experience. We offer traditional pest control and natural green alternative pest controls.