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termite treatment mobile alabamaIf you live in Mobile Alabama there are two types of homes–homes with termites and homes without. If you don’t have termites (or at least you don’t think you do) and you don’t have a termite bond or any termite prevention, IT’S TIME TO PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON!

Request a free home inspection. This is a free (no strings attached) inspection. You will receive a consultation with one of our certified pest control technicians. There are options for termite treatment, but only if you don’t wait too long.

Termite treatment is a necessity because it’s not if you have a termite problem, it’s WHEN!

Each year termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and property. This is an expense that is usually not covered by homeowners insurance. Termites are primarily found in the south, especially Mobile Alabama. The climate around Mobile is very favorable for these pests and an abundance of decaying wood provides plenty of food for these bugs. Termites are actually found in every state, except Alaska. Termite treatment is very important if you live in the south.

Learn more about the types of termites in Mobile Alabama

With regular termite treatment, the technician is on the lookout for potential termite problems and problems caused by other pests. This is a preventative measure, which does cost money, but in the long run saves you literally thousands of dollars and provides comfort and peace of mind that your home is protected and safe.

What is termite treatment worth to you, especially considering you are protecting your family’s home?

Don’t wait until you see these insects before you decide to do something about the problem. Take the initiative and have your home properly inspected and treated to prevent it from becoming compromised any further.

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