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Termite bond renewals is one of the ways that large pest control companies make their income–along with HUGE initial termite bond charges. Chances are that if you currently have a termite bond you paid 2 to 3 times more than what you should have to get it established and that you are paying 2 to 3 times more per year to have it renewed.

Termite Bond Information

At Bugs on the Bayou Us we know that protecting your home (your largest investment) is top priority, but paying for expensive termite bonds ranks at the bottom of the list for protecting your investment. Who wants to pay thousands a year for the prevention of a pest and not to mention the fact that you never even see the exterminator. It feels like you are just throwing money away.

We know people don’t like to think about it. We know people feel like buying a termite bond or paying for termite bond renewals on their house is just a waste of money. We know how people are and why there is such a reluctance to purchase termite bonds.


Yeah, we get it. We understand and we sincerely want to help you to obtain a termite bond that is VERY affordable. Big Insect Corporations have a high overhead and must make as much as they can from each customer in order to carry them through the slow periods that they may experience. On the other hand, Bugs on the Bayou is a small, local pest control company in Mobile, Alabama. We purposely keep our overhead low so that we can ensure that our clients get the best pest control and termite bonds possible.

Termite Bond Renewals Option

Here is what we can do for you:Save Money with Termite Bond Renewals at Bugs on the Bayou

(Let’s switch your termite bond to Bugs on the Bayou and get you out from under an expensive termite bond renewal situation.)

  1. Find out what the cost of your current Termite Bond renewal is (the renewal is the amount that is charged after your initial Termite Bond is established)
  2. The renewal amount is the amount the “WE” will charge you for the initial termite bond that we offer you–This is a HUGE discount because a renewal amount is usually significantly lower than the initial termite bond charge that big pest corporations charge

Explanation…Let’s say that the initial cost of your termite bond was $1000 and it is going to cost you $450 per year (indefinitely) to renew it. Bugs on the Bayou will charge you the initial amount of $450 (your renewal cost) to establish your initial termite bond. Then for the next five years, we will charge only $199/year to maintain your termite bond. In this scenario you will be saving almost $300 per year and after 6 years time will have saved almost twice the amount that you paid for the initial, EXPENSIVE, termite bond. At Bugs on the Bayou we are committed to saving you money. We can beat anyone’s price on a termite bond–just try us!

  1. We will act as if you have never had a termite bond for your house
    1. We will do a thorough inspection of your house and property
    2. We will treat any existing issues
    3. We will discuss any and all findings with you
  2. Once the initial Termite Bond is established, we will set you on our VERY AFFORDABLE BOND RENEWAL



We are certain that you will not find this deal anywhere else other than Bugs on the Bayou.
Call us today to get started…(251) 586-8754.

If you don’t have a termite bond on your home, give us a call anyway and we will discuss the low-cost options that are available for you, as well.

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