Roaches in your home? Here is to get rid of them

Roaches in your home? Using store bought solutions may give temporary relief from roaches, but it is not a permanent solution. Here are some tips to follow.

How to get rid of roaches in your homeTo get rid of roaches in your home you must do the following:

  • Identify where they are nesting
  • Identify their food source
  • Identify their water source

Roaches, like people, need three basics to survive, shelter, food, and water. When you take away those sources you will eliminate roaches from your home.

Bugs “R” Us will inspect your home to identify where roaches are hiding and making their camp. Once located we will place baits in and around that area. In addition, we will place a powder inside your home’s walls.

The solution is for the roaches to ingest the bait and track through the powder and take each back to their nest. Killing the roaches on sight does NOT eliminate the nest. We want the nest killed. Using these techniques of baiting and powder is the most successful way to do accomplish the task or getting rid of roaches in your home.

Bugs on the Bayou can only do so much. Some of the responsibility falls on the homeowner doing some cleaning. We will identify items like stacks of newspapers, boxes, paper bags or other types of clutter in your home where roaches can hide.

Get rid of roaches in your home by doing a little home cleaning

Additionally, keeping your kitchen clean (no food left lying around. Don’t feed the roaches or, like other animals, they will NEVER leave. We also recommend repairing any leaky faucets or pipes. Remember, we want to eliminate their shelter, food, and water.

It is important to note that paper that is lying around allows the roaches to leave a pheromone that attracts other roaches. All old paper and paper products must be removed from your home. If not, you may as well have out the welcome mat for other roaches.

Cleanliness in your home significantly helps to eliminate roaches. The baits and powders are effective, but only if all shelter, food, and water sources are removed.

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