Protection Tips for Keeping Nuisance Animals Out of Your Home This Winter

Protection Tips Overview

It is obvious…the seasons are changing. Fall has officially arrived and now we are beginning to spend more time indoors. Funny enough, wild animals do exactly the same thing. They are looking for shelter for the upcoming winter. Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums will start looking for entrances into your home so that they can be warm and comfy for the next few months. It is now time to take action and prevent this from occurring to provide your home protection from pests and nuisance animals.

Protection Tip #1: Inspect Your Homes Perimeter

Protection from Nuisance AnimalsGet outside and inspect the perimeter of your home. You should be checking for uncovered holes or openings near the foundation of your home and/or your roof line. Don’t overlook small entrances where piping or cable enters your house. You would be surprised how a rodent can stretch its body and the small holes that they can enter. Once you have located holes and openings purchase some steel mesh screen or plaster or any product that is solid and sturdy enough to resist the relentless attacks, gnawing, and scratching from rodents.

Protection Tip #1: Inspect the roof, attic, and chimney

Don’t forget about your chimney and attic vents. Don’t seal these off but you can screen them off with steel mesh screen to ensure that rodents and other animals can’t slip into your home. What do you do if there are any animals already nesting in your home? DON’T seal them in. Call an exterminator (like Bugs on the Bayou) to come and place traps in the areas where the animals are nesting. Bugs on the Bayou specializes in human trapping (no kill traps). We will place traps in your home and come back daily to check on them until all of the pests have been captured.

Protection Tip #1: Trim Your Trees and Shrubbery

Protection from Nuisance AnimalsMany people don’t consider this, but limbs near your house provide an entryway for squirrels and other climbing pests. Squirrels are great jumpers and can easily jump from a limb to your roof and then begin looking for entrance into your home. Now would be a good time to prune the tree limbs away from your home. This will reduce any squirrels from gaining entrance into hard to protect spots on your home.

Get Started While the Weather is still Good!

Now is the time to get started. Taking action now will save you money and headaches later. If you would prefer, give Bugs on the Bayou Pest Control a call (251-287-0426) and we will come and inspect your home for free to identify any issues you could potentially have. If problems are identified, we can customize a plan and cost of treatment on the spot so that your pest control issue doesn’t become an issue at all.

By following these tips, you should greatly reduce the chances of having animals invade your home. If you are still unsure what to do about pests around or in your home contact Bugs on the Bayou Pest Control  (251) 287-0426 and we can send a technician to talk with you.