Pest and Termite Control to Protect Your Property

Pest and Termite Control to Protect Your Greatest Investment–Your home!

Pest and Termite ControlYour home is is, for many, the greatest investment that they will ever make. You want to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable. This includes keeping it pest free. If you haven’t already started, you should contact a pest control company today to begin regular inspections of your home and property.  A pest control company will systematically inspect your property and look for signs of potential problems.

Most folks only worry about the more common pests, roaches and rodents, but trust us, there are many other pests that cause damage that you should be concerned about. For example, termites are often hard to detect. They stay hidden while they are eating your home from the inside out. Most people don’t know they have a termite problem until serious damage has occurred and is resulting in a huge repair bill. With regular pest control inspections and service, the technician is on the lookout for potential termite problems and problems caused by other pests. You consider this a preventative measure, which does cost money, but in the long run saves you literally thousands of dollars and provides comfort and peace of mind that your home is protected and safe.

Pest and Termite Control to Prevent Home Damage

Pest and Termite ControlIf damage has already occurred, prior to a pest control inspection, the only resort you have is to contact a termite control company and have the termites exterminated and removed. Then a contractor will begin taking your home apart by removing the damaged wood. This is not a fun scenario. On the other hand, if no termite damage is found during a routine inspection, you may want to consider getting a termite bond with the pest control company. This places the burden on the pest control company–if damage occurs to your home (while under a termite bond), the pest control company is the one responsible for the expense of repairing it. A termite bond is a yearly expense and an expense that literally pays for itself through prevention. We consider a termite bond a pest control insurance contract.

So in review, all homeowners should have a pest control company come to their home several times a year to treat, prevent and inspect every inch of your home and property. Don’t wait until you see these insects before you decide to do something about the problem. Take the initiative and have your home properly inspected and treated to prevent it from becoming compromised any further.

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