Mice Prevention Tips for your Home

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Mice in your home?

Mice can live in a variety of conditions around your home and property. They eat foods that are meant for humans and pets, which can lead to food contamination due them leaving feces on food preparation surfaces and in the food itself. This can lead to food poisoning for humans and pets. They also present a threat to your home by their constant gnawing on wires and structures.

Do You Have A Problem With Mice?

Mice Prevention TipsWhen you begin seeing droppings, gnawed wires, torn pieces of paper or other materials (used for nesting), you have a problem. How big of a problem just depends on the amount of droppings or gnawing you have found. You may also be seeing mice during the day and night.

Mice are outstanding at climbing and jumping. They can run up vertical surfaces and jump from counter to counter in your kitchen. They can crawl through a crack as small as a pencil (as in a space between the wall and floor).  

Mice can multiply quickly!

Mice are fantastic breeders and can have as many as 10 litters of 5 young in a single year. The babies are born within 19 days after mating. They mature in as little as 6-8 weeks. Once mature they can start breeding. So if not addressed quickly, a few mice here and there can quickly multiply in a LOT of mice. On average a mouse can live for about a year.

Mice Prevention Tips

Mice will remain as long as there are sources of food, water, and shelter. Good sanitation helps to limit their numbers, but anyone can get them in their home. Poor sanitation is a welcome mat to mice. Repairing your home to eliminate openings also helps to prevent mice from gaining entrance. Without a safe shelter and access to food, mice will move on and find a more suitable location. Take steps to store food (human and pet food) in containers that are mouse proof (jars, metal containers, or other airtight containers).

Trapping is an effective control method. A simple snap trap is effective and is available at most grocery stores. Bait traps with peanut butter, chocolate candy, dried fruit or a small piece of bacon tied securely to the trigger. Place the traps where activity has been observed. Place traps no more than 10 feet apart in areas where mice are active.

The use of pesticide based traps and granules is also an effective method for eliminating mice. The pesticide, once ingested kills the mice and dissolves their bodies. Use of pesticides should be applied only by a professional pest control company for the safest use possible.

Dispose of Mice Quickly

Disposed of dead mice quickly and always use plastic gloves to prevent contaminating your skin. Additionally, clean with disinfectants the areas where mice have been present. Place dead mice in a plastic bag and place in an outside waste receptacle with a lid to prevent other animals from ingesting the body. Once the dead mice have been removed and the area has been decontaminated, wash your hands and forearms thoroughly to eliminate any contamination.

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