Banana Spiders are HUGE and in YOUR backyard!

No doubt about it. If you live in Mobile Alabama then you have encountered the “BANANA SPIDER”. These spiders are big, especially when compared to other spiders in this area. Not to mention that these spiders can spin fabulous webs.

banana spider femaleDid you know:

  • Females are significantly larger than males. Females 1 to 3 inches (25 to ~~ mm) in length Webs may range up 3 to 6 feet (1 to 3 m) in diameter and are among the strongest of any species of spiders
  • They are predators and eat a wide range of small to medium sized flying insects (mosquitoes, bees, butterflies, flies, small moths and wasps)
  • They are found in North Carolina and across the Gulf States and all the way down to Argentina
  • They are also found extensively throughout Puerto Rico

Banana Spider Information

Female banana spiders are the largest spiders in North America, other than the Tarantula. The female dwarfs the male Banana Spider significantly. Most males are less than ½ inch long when full grown compared to the female that can be as large as 3 inches.

Banana spiders live rather short lives. Females can live up to a month but can produce a number of offspring during that time. The males will only live from 2-to-3 weeks.

Banana Spider Web Facts

The web of a banana spider is very strong, complex and golden in color. The color of the web is very important as it attracts bees and other insects that are attracted to the golden/yellow color of the strands in the sunshine. A typical web can be as large as 3 feet wide and placed in the flight path of other insects. If the web is ever damaged, the spider will tear apart and consume the damaged part and then rebuild new spirals into the web. Other spiders just replace the entire web.

The Banana Spider’s webs are most often found in orange and pecan groves. The trees provide good support for the web and the fruit and pecans attract a wide variety of insects.

Interesting Fact: Banana Spiders display an intense fear of cockroaches. Maybe due to the roaches speed and coloring.

Even though this is a very large spider there is really no reason to fear it. The Banana Spider is very shy and prefers to remain unseen and at peace. It will bite you if you hold or provoke it, but there is no poison injected. The bite may become red but will fade. The benefits of having this fantastic bug catcher around your house far away any irrational fears. Hopefully, in time, people will be able to overcome the fear of spiders and admire these spiders for their beauty of skillful predatory abilities.

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