Formosan termites or SUPER TERMITES, are extremely destructive.  A Formosan termite can consume up to 13 ounces of wood (this is almost a pound of wood) per day. A single colony contain several million individuals (compared with several hundred thousand termites for other subterranean termite species). A colony can severely damage a structure and other nearby structures in as little as three months.

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Once established, Formosan termites have NEVER been eradicated from an area.
Prevent Formosan Termite Damage
The Formosan termite can infest  boats, condominiums, trees, and of course, YOUR HOME! These Asian invaders are serious threats to your property resulting in large treatment and repair costs.

Formosan Termite Facts

  • Formosan termites are the most voracious, aggressive and devious of over 2,000 termite species known to science.
  • Formosan termites are organized into huge underground colonies, and build intricate mud nests inside the walls of a structure.
  • Because of their aggressive nature, the Formosan termites are difficult to control once they infest a structure.
  • Prevention is key.
  • If dealing with an existing infestation, talk to a pest professional about Formosan termite treatment.

Formosan Termite Signs

Bugs on the Bayou Prevent Formosan Termites Bugs on the Bayou Prevent Formosan Termites Bugs on the Bayou Prevent Formosan Termites
The signs above are definite indications of a Formosan termite infestation. If you see anything similar you should contact us IMMEDIATELY!

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