Flea Prevention In Your Home

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Fleas in your home driving you crazy?

The itching, the scratching, the fleas in your carpet, is enough to drive a person crazy. Getting rid of them in your home can be quite frustrating not to mention costly. You must realize that when eliminating fleas in your home that you must also treat the yard around your home and all pets (indoor or outdoor pets).

Fleas in your home

Flea Facts

  • Adults prefer to live in your pet’s fur coat and warm skin. To eliminate fleas you MUST eliminate them from your pet. Having your pet dipped will not, in itself, eliminate fleas in an infested home.
  • Fleas will lay eggs on your pet, but they eventually fall into your carpet or furniture, or wherever the pet spends time.
  • Let’s get nasty now:
    • Fleas can lay 50 eggs a day

      flea life stages

      Flea life stages

    • Babies start as tiny larvae that lay deep within your pet’s fur, your carpet, and/or your furniture
    • The larvae eat the dried feces of the adults which is abundant in the areas where your pet likes to lounge and play
    • Eventually the larvae become encased in a cocoon that is resistant to many insecticides

Flea Treatment Procedures

Just treating your pet regularly and properly will prevent at least 90% of your flea problem in your home.

  1. Don’t forget to also treat your pet’s bed or wherever he chooses to relax. Wash, in hot water, the pet’s toys, blankets, and/or clothing items.
  2. Vacuum your house thoroughly to remove the eggs, larvae and young fleas.
  3. After vacuuming, seal the vacuum bag in a garbage bag and place it in an outdoor trash container.
  4. You may choose to contact a pest control company to treat your home with an insecticide. This is especially true if you notice a large amount of fleas in your home. When treated, you will need to keep your pets and children away from the area, especially during treatment. Once the insecticide dries it is safe for pets and children.

Hardwood and tile floors generally do not require treatment, but should be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned or mopped with a good cleaner.

You may continue to see fleas for 2-3 weeks due to some of the larvae being in cocoons and escaping the vacuuming and cleaning. Continue to vacuum daily until you no longer see fleas. If adult fleas continue to be seen beyond 2-4 weeks, re-treatment of the premises (and pet) may be necessary.

Flea Treatment for the Yard

To identify if you have fleas in your yard simply walk through your yard with white cotton socks. If you have them they will be seen on the socks. Ask your pest control technician to place insecticide in the areas where your pets play and rest. The insecticides used outdoors are safe for your pets and children but deadly to fleas. The insecticides will continue to work for quite some time. Most quarterly pest control treatments will eliminate fleas in your yard as well as your home.

Fleas can be successfully controlled by following the steps outlined above. Homeowners who lack the time to control fleas themselves or who are uncomfortable applying insecticides should contact Bugs on the Bayou to allow a professional pest control technician take care of your flea problems.

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