Eastern Subterranean Termites are partly responsible for 80% of the $2.2 billion spent annually in the United States on termite control. These termites feed on wood cellulose, meaning that their presence in human made structures often goes unnoticed for lengthy periods of time. The Easter Subterranean Termite will eat through a home’s wood structure to the point that the interior of the wood will have a  honeycombed appearance, which significantly weakens the structure of a home.

Bugs on the Bayou Prevents Eastern Subterranean Termites

The Eastern subterranean termite is considered a serious economic timber pest and it is estimated that in high activity areas more than 1 in 5 homes have been or will be attacked.

Prevention of these termites requires a professionally applied treatment that involves establishing physical barriers,  chemical treatments, and physical treatments (heat, freezing, electrocution and microwave irradiation).

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Eastern Subterranean Termites Facts

  • In the southern areas, swarming usually follows rain.
  • The swarmers are emitted in their thousands when a mature termite nest is large and well established.
  • A suitable location for nesting should provide moisture and a readily available timber food source close by.
  • The egg-laying capacity of the new queen termite peaking after a few years, producing up to 10,000 offspring a year.
  • The queen may live for many years and workers up to two years..
  • In some locations an Eastern subterranean termite colony can contain several million
  • These termites actively feed on trees, buildings and other timber structures.

Have you seen the following signs of Eastern Subterranean Termites?

Bugs on the Bayou Prevents Eastern Subterranean Termites Bugs on the Bayou Prevents Eastern Subterranean Termites Bugs on the Bayou Prevents Eastern Subterranean Termites

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