Earwigs Overview

No matter what you think, Earwigs will not crawl into your ears and eat your brain. In fact they are not very harmful, other than just being a bug that gets into your home. They prefer to live outdoors preferably in decaying matter (wood, leaves, mulch). They will hide anywhere that is damp and cool. They do become active at night and will search for food during that time.


Earwigs Prevention, Treatment, and Removal Tips

They mainly eat decaying matter, vegetables, and potted flowers or plants. An earwig getting into your house is purely by accident or if they are seeking shelter but they will not last long in your house because their food source is not available. Really, the only problem caused by earwigs in your home is simply their presence and they may produce a foul smell.

Earwigs Prevention

  • Sweep away from your house decaying matter such as leaves, sticks, and general rubbish
  • Keep your gutters clean—they could enter your house by crawling in the decaying matter in the gutters and then enter your home through gaps in your roof
  • Eliminate debris and decaying matter from your sidewalk, driveway, and around the foundation of your home.
  • Improve drainage around the foundation of your home by putting gravel or white stones so that the water and debris doesn’t settle around the foundation
  • Caulk and/or install weather stripping around ground level windows or openings into your home and ensure that screens are not torn
  • Regular pest control treatments establishes a barrier between the exterior and interior around your home that the earwigs will not enter

Getting rid of earwigs doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Earwigs Removal

If you do find earwigs in your home, just vacuum them up and empty the contents of the vacuum into the outside garbage. Preferably dispose of the vacuumed earwigs into a sealed bag or container when disposing of them.

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