Crazy Ants in Mobile Alabama

Crazy Ants are here!

Crazy AntsHave you seen the “new breed” of ants that are invading your yard? If you thought fire ants were bad, just wait until you encounter Crazy Ants. They will build mounds in your yard, your walls, your garage and maybe worst of all, inside of your electronics and appliances.

These ants originated in Argentina. They have since migrated from Houston (where they were initially seen in the U.S., 2002) to Florida. It seems they love the Southeastern climate and ecological system. Plenty of food, plenty of water, and plenty of places to establish colonies. The Crazy Ants are actually driving fire ants away from your property, but it isn’t a good trade. In fact, many people have said that they would rather have the fire ants back.

Treating and Eliminating Crazy Ants

The bad news with these ants is that they aren’t eating the same baits (poisons) that fire ants and other ants are eating. These has many pesticide suppliers scratching their heads. Many companies are scrambling to come up with baits that these ants WILL eat. Fortunately, these crazy ants don’t migrate as rapidly as other ants. They tend to be slow movers, but this causes extreme problems for many issues.

So, if you live in the Southeast and haven’t encountered Crazy Ants just stay tuned because you will, sooner or later. While no treatment methods are available that are completely effective, Bugs on the Bayou does have traditional baits that can be used to help prevent the ants from getting into your house, electronics, and appliances. If you are dealing with ants in your yard, give us a call. We will identify the type of ant problem you are having and then we will treat your problem.

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