Christmas Tree Bugs Are Ready To Bring Holiday Cheer

Christmas Tree Bugs are ready to celebrate the holidays. Are your ready for them?

Ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Many families will be purchasing cut trees to place into their houses. Be CAREFUL, many times those trees come with a whole host of insects that are now looking for a new place to call home.

Can Christmas Tree Bugs Damage My Home?

Don’t fret. These bugs usually prefer the forest type of environment where evergreen trees grow. Your house will lack the creature comforts that they desire. The biggest problem is that these bugs are in your house and are crawling around looking for a way out.

Typically you will have quite a number of aphids, beetles, and SPIDERS!! Do realize that you invaded their space and not the other way around. The bug population on the beautiful tree that you have selected is NOT happy with your choice. You may be comforted in knowing that many of these bugs will die soon due to the habitat change and lack of food and water.

Do the Christmas Tree Two Step To Eliminate The Bugs

Okay, so let’s cut to the chase. No matter the bug or what they eat or how long they live, the simple thought of having them in your house is less than comforting. So what the heck should you do or can you do to prevent the hitchhikers.

  • Do the Shake
    Shake that evergreen like it is blowing in a Cat 4 hurricane and then shake it a little more. Let it rest and then rinse and repeat. A couple of vigorous shaking will cause most insects to fall from the tree. The insects left are probably so dizzy that they can’t find the back door, but they definitely are wanting to leave.
Bugs on Evergreen (Aphids)

Aphids on Evergreen

  • Report for inspection
    Yeah you found the perfect tree, but take a peek under the hood (look into the branches and see what critters reside. Check for little holes burrowed into the tree by beetles or other insects. If you see more that a few holes you probably need to search for another tree unless you don’t mind beetles in your stockings.
Christmas tree bugs (Bark Beetles)

Bark Beetles

What to Do With the Holiday Bugs That Made It In Your House?

Well, even if you have completed the two steps above it is possible that some of the bugs just couldn’t bear to leave their lifelong home and now they are IN YOUR HOUSE!

Don’t start spraying the bugs or the tree with pesticides (the aerosol variety). Believe me, it is hard enough keeping they tree with enough water to prevent drying out. Don’t go adding flammable materials to the mix by spraying aerosol pesticides on it.

Honestly, your best approach is really to do nothing. The insects will leave the tree soon enough looking for food and water. Many will die in the process. Just vacuum or sweep them up. If you have regular pest control treatments at your house, that is enough prevention to keep you from having long term problems with this holiday hitchhikers.

Are you needing regular pest control prevention? Contact Bugs on the Bayou Pest Control. We will come and inspect your home and property. We will then provide you with a report of what we found. If we finds signs of infestations or other problems we will build you a custom plan that works for your family’s needs and budget. Contact us today at 251-287-0426.