Centipedes Information

Centipedes are located all over the world, but they most often show up in your bathtub or bathroom sink. They like dark, damp locations, especially if food sources are nearby.


House Centipedes

Centipede Characteristics

While these critters can have more than 100 legs, it is more common for them to have 15 to 21 pair of legs—they will ALWAYS have an odd number of pairs of legs. Their first leg segment is not actually for walking, it is actually a type of venomous fangs used to inject venom and paralyzed its prey. They are not really scavengers. They are primarily hunters and catch small insects, mollusks, or even other centipedes. Larger ones have even been known to catch small birds.

Centipedes can live up for 3-5 years. They will molt numerous times during that time which indicates that they are continuously growing. They have a built-in escape plan whenever prey catches them. They will break their legs away from their body in order to escape the grip of its prey. The legs will grow back over a period of time.

Centipedes Removal and Prevention Tips

As stated earlier, centipedes thrive in the damp crevices of the home and controlling them takes time and effort. Pest-control products that specifically combat house centipedes can be effective, but in order to permanently remove them from your home you must eliminate their food and water supply.

They will eat food particles, insect eggs, other insects. Keeping your carpets and floors clean will help. It is a fact that centipedes are most often found in homes with a high level of moisture (leaking faucets, standing water, leaking roofs, open windows drawing in humidity. By taking just a few steps you can virtually eliminate any problems with centipedes. Sweep and vacuum every room, keep your kitchen clean and spray counter tops with a cleaner that contains bleach. Even consider cleaning your garbage cans (indoor and outdoor cans). Throw away any water soaked papers, clothing, or furnishings as these items provide an excellent habitat for centipedes.

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