Treatment Procedures

Initial Visit Treatment Procedures:

  1. Our pest control technician will meet you at your front door and introduce himself and explain what he will be doing.
  2. Our technician will inquire about any known pest issues that you may be having
  3. Our Technician will walk the house inside and out to inspect for signs of potential pest issues
  4. Our technician will then dust your house to remove all spider webs and cobwebs and any wasp or mud dauber nests
  5. We will apply delta dust into any cracks, weep holes, crevices or voids in the foundation of your home.
    • For homes with ant problems, we will use ant gel in cracks where ants are present

Initial Treatment Application

Once the initial inspection and preparation have been completed we will do the following:

  1. Spray pesticide around the house around foundation and window sills.
  2. Broadcast Granular from the house out to 10 feet from the house
  3. Spread ant bait on any ant hills within 10 feet of the house.

 Final Treatment Procedures

Once finished, out technician will

  • Clean up the area
  • Prepare an invoice
  • Discuss with you, the homeowner, what he has found or observed and how best to treat the issue–we will develop a custom plan of action for each homeowner
  • We will provide you instructions for how to contact us in case you have any issues with pests once we are finished, we will return and retreat, as needed

We proudly serve Mobile, Pritchard, Tillman’s Corner, Theodore, Semmes, Saraland, Grand Bay, Bayou La Batre, and the surrounding areas near Mobile, Alabama.

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