Opossum Home Removal

Bugs on the Bayou Mobile Alabama Opossum Home Removal

Once Opossums get access inside your house or attic, they can cause considerable damage. Opossums are nesting animals and will search for items or locations in your house to find a suitable item or location. They love attics or in exterior walls due to the warmth and availability of nesting material (insulation).

Once you suspect that you have an opossum problem, Bugs on the Bayou recommends a full inspection of your home and surrounding area, especially the attic and/or basement, to check for damage, if any.

You will quickly know if you have an opossum problem. They poop a lot, and they can cause quite a smelly mess in your attic. Even worse is when an opossum dies in your house—they STINK!  This is not an uncommon problem. Opossums only live a couple of years and commonly die inside homes.

Opossums can climb well and can enter your house in much the same way as  raccoons or squirrels.

How Bugs on the Bayou Conducts Opossum Home Removal

  • It is usually easier to catch the opossum in the attic. We will typically set up a trap near the entrance (being used by the opossum) or even inside your attic or house. We typically bait the traps with pet food (canned cat food).
  • Once trapped, the opossum can’t get out and it is virtually impossible for the opossum to injure itself attempting to escape. This is a very humane way of capturing the opossum. We will return to your house each day to check the trap (usually 1-3 days).
  • Once the opossum has been trapped, we will take the animal to a remote location and release it back into nature.

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