Animal Extraction in Mobile Alabama

Face it. If you live in the Mobile Alabama area, then you are living in an area where you may have visits from various types of “critters”. It is not uncommon to find opossums, raccoons, squirrels, moles, and whole host of other animals looking to take shelter in your comfortable and warm home. Don’t try to do an animal extraction yourself. It could go REAL BAD, if you know what we mean.

These critters do most of their work at night. They will scout your house looking for openings that allows them access into your home (attic, basement, garage, screened porch, etc…). Once in your home they will begin wreaking havoc on your insulation, wiring, ceiling, walls. Many of these cute little critters are pooping and urinating machines. If they are in your attic, the odor and/or liquid must go somewhere. You need an animal extraction as soon as possible before you start discolored rings on your ceiling.  That is “If you are luck”. Many families have found out they animals in their house once the fire was extinguished.

Bugs on the Bayou Animal Extraction

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It isn’t cute or funny for these wild animals to take refuge in your home–IT IS DANGEROUS!!  Many of these animals carry disease and parasites, will bite or scratch you and infect you with dangerous diseases, and they can strip the protective covering off your wires causing serious fire hazards.

If you have animals in your house CALL US NOW don’t wait another day.The risk is high and not worth the gamble. Once you contact us for an appointment, you will gain peace of mind and comfort knowing that this risk has been all but eliminated and that your house is animal and pest free.

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