Affordable Pest Control Mobile Alabama

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Affordable Pest Control provided by Bugs on the Bayou Pest Control Service

Bugs on the Bayou is a local family owned and operated company specializing in Commercial and Residential Pest control. The owner has been serving the gulf coast residents for the past ten years as a General Manager for a large corporate pest control company.

Bugs on the Bayou is providing the Gulf Coast with a pest control service with the technical knowledge of the larger pest control companies, and delivering exemplary customer service.. Bugs “R” does not have the big corporate infrastructure and overhead cost that the larger pest control companies possess, therefore, Bugs “R” us can provide the most affordable pest control available for a fraction of the cost of the larger companies. You get the same service provided by the large pest control companies while saving a significant amount of money.

Affordable Pest Control doesn’t mean less service

Here is what we offer:
Our general pest control service provides for the control of the following pest within a 10’ perimeter of the home:

  1. Roaches
  2. Silverfish
  3. Centipedes
  4. Earwigs
  5. Mice
  6. Fleas
  7. House Ants
  8. Squirrel Removal
  9. Raccoon Removal
  10. Opossum Removal

Affordable pest control service overview

  • Our technician will meet you at the appointed time. We pride ourselves on our promptness.
  • The technician will inspect the interior and exterior of your home.
  • He will then report his findings to you and describe how he will be treating your home for its specific needs.
  • Generally this will consist of the following process.
    • He will start by removing the light and electrical plates from your walls to provide a dust treatment to voids in your walls.
    • He will carefully replace the electrical plates.
    • He will then place small amount of granular baits behind heavy furniture where children and pets cannot reach.
    • He will then apply a small dab of roach and ant gel bait under cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen. It will be very inconspicuous. You would really have to be looking for it in order to find it.
    • The technician will then proceed outside. He will first go around the entire home with a web brush to remove any spider or cobwebs. He will then treat all the cracks and voids around the outside of the home. This is where the pests like to try to enter your home.
    • He will then spray a product around the perimeter of your home to form a barrier to get pest out.
    • After this he will make one final pass spreading a granular 10 feet from the home to reinforce the barrier.

We will conduct the interior and exterior services once per year. We will do the exterior service once per quarter. If at any time you see live pest activity, just call us and we will come right out at no additional charge.

Our technician will pick up payment once the service is complete.

What does the affordable pest control cost?

Our competitors charge much more than we do. Most charge $75.00  to $90.00 per quarter. We are offering our services for at almost 35% less than that. For less than $20/month you can rest assured that your home and property is protected.

In addition, we will come out at any time between service dates to take care of any issue at no additional charge.

Contact us now to schedule your first service? 251-287-0426